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Your product formulation delivered transdermally, with or without an enhancer technology

Formulation. Blending. Coating. Converting. Packaging.Now! A Full Service Transdermal Provider!
With new capabilities in formulation, blending, and coating, added to our existing superior converting and packaging expertise, Tapemark is now your fully-integrated transdermal CDMO of choice, from API to finished transdermal patch. We’ll work with your API and create your finished patch with proven Tapemark excellence and quality every step of the way.
As a market leader in both active and passive transdermal drug delivery systems, we’ve listened to our customers and are now fully integrated with our new capabilities.

Transdermal Benefits
Transdermal patches support controlled permeation of a drug through the skin, either independently or in combination with enhancer technologies. Suitable for both prescription and OTC drugs, transdermal delivery avoids first-pass metabolism and provides steady and controlled delivery/blood levels. Drug delivery can be discontinued upon removal, if needed. Convenient, comfortable, and safe, transdermal drug delivery improves patient compliance and can facilitate lifecycle management.

Tapemark Experience with Transdermal Technologies
There are many technologies that facilitate transdermal delivery. Tapemark has experience with several of the key technologies including iontophoresis, microneedles, thermal poration, and dermabrasion. Tapemark has worked with a variety of reservoir designs supporting a range of bulk drug viscosities, and our experience includes sourcing and incorporating appropriate power sources, as required.

For formulation work, we partner with preferred, proven and experienced experts to assure you a seamless project from start to finish: active ingredient to finished product. Tapemark supports you throughout all project stages, providing pilot, pivotal and commercial supplies.

Travanti Medical's Industry-Leading IontoPatch® Product Family
Tapemark, doing business as Travanti Medical, manufactures and sells the IontoPatch® product line into the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation markets. Prior to acquistion by Tapemark, IontoPatch was granted the CE mark in October 2001; CE mark was granted under the Travanti Medical name in December 2011. Learn more about IontoPatch at www.iontopatch.com.

Transdermal Magazine Article Written by Tapemark VP: "Winning Strategies for Outsourcing Your Transdermal Patch"
The November 2011 issue of Transdermal magazine features an article entitled "Winning Strategies for Outsourcing Your Transdermal Patch," written by Tom Yetter, Tapemark's Vice President of Research & Development. A copy of the article is reprinted with permission, see here.

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