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Brandon Notermann


5 Benefits of a Topical Drug Delivery System

By: Brandon Notermann
6/20/18 12:33 PM

A topical drug delivery system is a way to deliver medication that is applied onto a particular part of the body, typically the skin, to treat various ailments. There are many common forms of topical medication such as lotions, gels, patches, or powders, but they are mainly formulated as creams or ointments. Topical delivery systems rely on accurate formulation, as an incorrect dosage will adversely affect the drug’s effectiveness for the patient. Many topical drug delivery systems have a systematic or local effect when reaching the body’s circulation system after application to the skin tissue. Though effective, one should remember that, like other drugs, mishandling topical medication can result in serious side effects.

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Tapemark Manufacturing Facility Completes Successful FDA Pre-Approval and General GMP Inspection

By: Brandon Notermann
6/1/17 5:10 PM

The FDA has completed a successful pre-approval inspection (PAI) of Tapemark’s manufacturing process and a general good manufacturing practices (GMP) inspection. The pre-approval inspection assessed Tapemark’s readiness to commercially manufacture one of its customer’s transdermal pharmaceutical products that is awaiting FDA approval. The FDA thoroughly reviewed Tapemark’s facilities for compliance with its procedures and adherence to GMP. “This successful PAI and GMP inspection represents another major success in the achievement of our CDMO strategic goals that includes full-service pharmaceutical commercial product manufacturing,” said Andy Rensink, President and COO of Tapemark. “We extend our appreciation and congratulations to all of our employees and contractors on this outstanding accomplishment.”

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8 Safety Tips When Using Topical Medicines

By: Brandon Notermann
4/15/17 4:00 AM

Medicine is any pharmaceutical product that is prepared in order to treat diseases. Furthermore, there are medicines which are formulated in such a way that they are administered directly to the body surface such as the skin, eyes, ears, mucous membrane or through inhalation. These are referred to as topical medicines. They come in the form of creams, gels, lotions and ointments. Advanced research in medicine has made it possible to administer a specific dosage of a drug through the skin at a controlled rate. This is called transdermal drug delivery, and it is facilitated by a patch that is medicated and it is placed on the affected area.

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6 Fascinating New Ways Drugs Can Be Delivered into Your Body

By: Brandon Notermann
4/12/17 4:00 AM

The world’s understanding of pharmacokinetics has changed over the years. Given the different demands in the world of medicine, researchers are now trying to find new ways to deliver drugs into the body.

These findings can be beneficial to patients in so many ways. For instance, there are patients that are sensitive to drugs taken orally. The result is usually an upset stomach. Finding an alternate route can make taking medications less of a hassle to these patients. It is possible that the new methods can even eliminate more serious side effects. Here are six fascinating new ways drugs are delivered into the body.

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Why Oral Transmucosal Drug Delivery is More Effective than Other Methods

By: Brandon Notermann
2/19/17 3:00 AM

Transmucosal drug delivery is an alternative platform for dosing formulations through oral or nasal administration. To be effective, the drug needs to be delivered in a controlled way to accomplish steady dissemination into the body. This type of focused delivery happens when the drug stays dynamic within a defined region of the body. Focused drug delivery is particularly critical in cases when the drug needs to influence a vindictive turmoil; for example, in carcinogenic tissues.

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Finding Your Niche as a CDMO – Pharmaceutical Processing Features Tapemark in November/December 2016 Issue

By: Brandon Notermann
11/7/16 4:43 PM

Each print issue of Pharmaceutical Processing features a CDMO in its cover story. This month’s issue showcases Tapemark and includes an interview with Tapemark president, Andy Rensink; vice president, Research & Development, Dr. Cormac Lyons; and vice president, Business Development, Steve Larsen.
The article discusses the company’s growth, its expertise in transdermal patch and oral thin film drug-delivery systems, and its commitment to personalized service.

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