Handshake between Converting and Packaging Processes with Tim Brown [Video]

Insider September 12, 2018

In this video, Tapemark Engineer Tim Brown discusses the 'handshake' between the converting and packaging processes. Within four and a half feet on this particular line, we are able to do a variety of steps to make sure each part is ready to be stacked and packaged. These steps include changing the pitch, rejecting the bad parts, verifying that rejection, controlling it in the reject stage, and finally stacking passed parts for packaging.

[Transcript] "Hi, Tim Brown again with The Tapemark company, just wanted to take a couple seconds of your day and kind of show you the handshake between our converting process and our packaging process, which packaging is sometimes overlooked by our customers, and it's more o fa second thought, and we at Tapemark kind of think it's sometimes more important than even creating the part. So what you see in front you is within 4 and 1/2 feet, we are actually from the sheeter die, changing the pitch, rejecting a bad part, reject verification of that part, controlling it out of the reject gate, and we're stacking it for second packaging. Now what that means to everyone is created in a modular design again, it's able to adapt to different sizes, and when it comes to speed and overall repeatability of the pieces of equipment, we have to be able to verify each step that we do, and within 4 and 1/2 feet, we've accomplished that."