How Our Serialization Capabilities Lead to Success with Lauren Hillman [Video]

Insider May 22, 2019

In this weeks video, R&D Process Engineer discusses how our serialization capabilities ensure success with our customers. We are able to set up our Optel machine in the test environment and the production environment using the same software. We can do all of our aggregation in the test environment and then once we have everything aligned,  it is an easy process to switch it to the production environment. Watch the video to learn more.  

[Transcript] "Hi, my name is Lauren Hillman with Tapemark. I work as an R&D Process Engineer here, and I want to talk about some of our aspects of serialization and how we can help you develop your serialization process and ensure that we're successful. So one of our machines that we use to serialize is the Optel. We are able to set it up in either the test environment or the production environment and work with the same type of software so that we get the same results. So we can do all of our carton, shipper, and pallet aggregation in the test environment, set up our recipe for your product in the test environment, and then it's just as easy as switching it over to the production environment to ensure that we have those same results and that we have successful serialization. Thank you."