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Introducing Tapemark's Expert Video Series

Posted by: Beau Garrett on 6/17/20 9:15 AM

Innovation in the arena of drug development and manufacturing doesn’t come by accident. It’s the result of effort and intention, of cumulative experience and varied backgrounds. It takes world-class equipment and facilities and perhaps even more so, it requires individuals coming together and contributing their expertise toward a common goal. 

At Tapemark, what we accomplish isn’t taught in classes or written in textbooks. It’s happening every day in our facilities. And with our new expert video series, we're inviting you inside. 


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Meet the Experts

Marina Ruleva, Director of Research and Development

Marina Ruleva ensures Tapemark meets client objectives for researching and developing new products and technologies, as well as improving existing products. In her role, providing end-to-end project oversight, Marina’s expertise includes walking the very fine line of balancing timeline without compromising quality. 

With over 15 years of experience in mixing and coating processes, Marina’s expertise includes many techniques and is accumulated from multiple industries.

Bryan Kiefat, Director of Analytical Services

As Director of Analytical Services, Bryan leads a team of chemists in the analysis, development, and identification of good methods. With 20+ years of experience as a chemist, Bryan has developed unmatched expertise that he applies to every project and product Tapemark brings in. 

Bryan’s focus on preventing mistakes and determining the source of and solution for problems is an essential component of every project and product Tapemark takes on.

Steve Rau, VP of Engineering

Steve Rau is an industry leader in the converting and packaging of drug and drug-device combination products, films, patches, active platforms, and other forms. He has co-authored several patents while at Tapemark. For the benefit of our clients, Steve is driven by a desire to develop and improve processes and people to their fullest potential.

Prior to joining Tapemark, Steve was with Delta Industrial as an electrical engineer designing custom web-handling machines such as those used at Tapemark.

Tim Brown, Sr Process Engineer

In the 15+ years he’s been with Tapemark, Tim has played a pivotal role in the company’s evolution from a drug manufacturer to a full-service CDMO. As Sr Process Engineer, Tim works to develop processes to support every product. At every phase of a project where process development is present. 

In his role, Tim works to balance the use of sound scientific methods and principles alongside an array of risk management tools to deliver in terms of quality and repeatability. 

William Pfeiffer, Sr Director of Quality Assurance

Joining Tapemark in March 2019, William Pfeiffer brought over 20 years of GMP manufacturing experience in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. He has been an integral part in developing and sustaining GMP compliant systems in his previous leadership roles. 

His top priorities include implementing and developing a quality system that complies with the highest standards and promoting continuous improvement to assure safe and effective products to meet our patients' and clients’ needs.

Cormac Lyons, VP Research and Development

As a seasoned technical leader with broad-based experience and expertise in pharmaceutical products, drug delivery and devices, Cormac brings an unmatched level of expertise and oversight to his role as VP of Research and Development. Over the course of his career, Cormac has worked as a product development director for both pharmaceutical companies and full-service CDMOs.

With experience on both sides of the table, Cormac has a unique lens with which to approach his work. Leading diverse and cross-functional teams over a broad portfolio of development programs, Cormac is a true expert at taking a wholistic view of drug development. 

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