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Inside Look: Commercial Coating Capabilities [Videos]

Posted by: Marina Ruleva on 5/21/20 11:15 AM

Commercial coating equipment is essential to the way we develop our projects and processes. If the formulation is already developed, then we use our commercial equipment to design the manufacturing process, which gives us a competitive advantage to reduce the timeline to product launch. Once the process is developed, there will be no changes to the commercial process. 

But if the formulation is not developed completely, then we also have pilot holder capabilities to help develop formulas as well.

Commercial Coating Capabilities 

With the range and versatility of our equipment, we have excellent commercial coating capabilities. We maintain versatility in terms of temperature, coating width, and line speed. 

  • We can set our temperatures as low as 100 degrees Fahrenheit and we can go as high as 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • We can coat as narrow as three inches wide and as wide as 22 inches. 
  • We can set the line speed on the equipment as low as 0.8 feet-per-minute and as fast as 65 feet-per-minute.

This versatility provides us a competitive advantage developing both solvent-based systems and water-based systems. For example, when we coat water-based systems we use high temperatures and lower speeds and for our solvent-based systems we use lower temperatures and higher speeds. 

Coating Machine Set-Up 

Here, you can see our traditional comma head coating setup. We use comma head die coating for our solvent-based systems, but in addition to that, we also have slot die coating opportunities and we use slot die for water-based systems. In a different series, my colleague Mike talks more about comma die vs. slot die selection and other coating opportunities and capabilities we have here at Tapemark. 

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