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Expert Formulation Development + R&D with Marina

Posted by: Beau Garrett on 6/25/20 7:45 AM

We’ve put together a series to feature the top minds in formulation development, analytical services, development, quality assurance, and converting. 

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Meet Tapemark’s Director of Research & Development, Marina Ruleva

Headshot of Marina from TapemarkMarina joined Tapemark in 2016 and now serves as Tapemark’s Research & Development Director. She is responsible for ensuring client objectives, researching and developing new products and technologies, as well as improving existing products. 

A tip from Marina

"There is a very fine line balancing all the goals and intentions. That’s always the challenge. It’s how we define if the patch is working or not… if it is delivering or not delivering."

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There is no failure in formulation development 

What some may call "failure" is actually a great learning experience. Within formulation development, optimizing your next experiment and moving forward with time and persistence is key. Each formulation has its own challenges because every formulation requires different drugs. 

Over a decade of expertise

Marina has over 15 years of unique experience in mixing and coating processes in multiple industries including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical device
  • Food and beverage
  • Aerospace and defense

Marina’s background combined with diverse experience in mixing and coating techniques contributes to the successful completion of product and process development projects at Tapemark.

During her time at Tapemark, Marina has amassed several titles and experiences: Sr. R&D Process Engineer, R&D Operations Manager, and now Director of R&D. 

Different platforms require different sets of raw materials

Whether creating transdermal systems and/or oral thin films, there will be differing raw materials needed. Tapemark focuses on developing transdermal systems and oral thin films.

For transdermal systems we work with a variety of adhesives, permeation enhancers, and other excipients. Ensuring we can dissolve the API into the matrix so it can also be in suspension form, and making sure that all these excipients are compatible with the active pharmaceutical ingredient, is essential for the development of transdermal systems.

For oral thin films, we work with a lot of polymers and each polymer has unique properties. In addition, we also work with different taste-masking agents such as mint and fruit flavorings.

Each product requires a different development approach. Formulation development can be tough. You need to have a great attention to details. 

Our belief in formulation

In our formulation lab work, we work with many clients. We work with start-ups as well as well-established companies. And we treat everyone with equal importance. We always look at the products, fully express our concerns and suggestions, and we work closely with our clients to ensure their final goals are met within aggressive timelines.

When you partner with Tapemark, you can expect the same level of service that everyone else gets. And when we develop our formulations, we work closely with you. Tapemark takes pride in helping people and finding solutions for other illnesses. And we know that formulation is key to doing this. 

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Topics: Quality and Regulatory, Formulation

Beau Garrett


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