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Inside Look: Cartoning and Serialization [Videos]

Posted by: Lauren Hillman on 4/28/20 4:15 PM

Pharmaceutical packaging and serialization are essential parts of bringing a part or product to the marketplace. Here at Tapemark, we help many clients optimize these processes, both for timeline purposes and consumer-facing benefits. Below, I’ll be sharing some information about our equipment and capabilities as it relates to cartoning and serialization. 

Serialization Equipment

When it comes to serialization, we have the equipment to develop successful serialization processes. 

One of our machines that we use to serialize is the Optel. We are able to set it up in either the test environment or the production environment and work with the same software so that we get the same results. 

This means we can do all of our carton, shipper, and pallet aggregation in the test environment, set up our recipe for a product in the test environment, and then it's as easy as switching over to the production environment. Having the same equipment and software in both the test and production environment maintains a level of consistency our clients appreciate. 

Optel Serialization Equipment 

Optel serialization equipment provides us with a wide range of serialization capabilities, including sample labeling and tracking capabilities. 

Optel shows us our reports in progress while we're doing jobs, so we can make sure we keep track of our samples, everything we've taken out of the job as well as our active cartons, shippers, and pallets. 

Cartoning and Serialization Options

As we have continued to learn and grow our expertise in cartoning and serialization, we’ve developed some in-depth knowledge on how to serialize products and how to work with all the different levels of serialization.

We’re able to start as small as the pouch level, making sure to serialize those pouches into cartons. From cartons, we can do even-numbered bundles, different sized bundles, and then we go into shippers and pallets. 

We also have the ability to do partial cases or shippers. We can do partial pallets, we can do partial bundles, all of that just ensuring that we maximize the products that we have cartoned, and we get as much of that as we can out the door.

As a result of our equipment and facilities combined with the knowledge of our staff, we’re able to deliver cartoning and serialization options to meet nearly any specification. 

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