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Research and Development and CDMO Partnership with Cormac

Posted by: Beau Garrett on 8/27/20 4:27 PM

We’ve put together a series to feature the top minds at Tapemark in formulation development, research, analytical services, development, quality assurance, and converting. 

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Meet Tapemark’s Vice President of Research & Development, Cormac Lyons

Tapemark's VP of Research and Development, Cormac LyonsCormac joined Tapemark in 2014 and now serves as Tapemark’s VP of Research & Development. He is responsible for leading a broad portfolio of development programs and driving products from development through technology transfer, process development and validation to commercialization. 

A tip from Cormac

"When you really distill it down, a pharma company partnering with a CDMO is putting the quality and safety of their product, and by extension, their company's reputation into the hands of the CDMO. So selecting the right CDMO is a very crucial activity."

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All About Drug Delivery

With a 25 year career almost completely focused on drug delivery, Cormac has in-depth experience at the various stages of the drug development cycle. His expertise areas include: 

  • Early stage conceptualization
  • Identifying unmet needs
  • Clinical developments
  • Commercialization
  • Post-launch product support

As such, Cormac is attuned to providing a holistic overview to drug and program development and rising to the challenge of developing new, complex drugs and preparing them for the U.S. and global marketplace. 

Expertise on Both Sides

In his career, Cormac has spent time working in research and product development with major pharmaceutical companies and CDMOs. With experience on both sides of the coin, Cormac has developed valuable insights into what makes a successful, high-functioning partnership. 

Our belief in Partnership

As a full-service CDMO, we work with many clients at various stages of drug development. We also work with clients of all sizes, from start-ups to well-established pharma companies. What makes it possible to serve our clients and meet their timelines is our emphasis on partnership.

Yes, we have world-class facilities and equipment, and our staff is comprised of leading experts in every field. Nonetheless, all the technical prowess in the world cannot overcome poor relationship skills.

Here at Tapemark, we believe in open communication, collaboration, and the value of people. We know the likelihood of encountering problems during the drug development cycle, and we've seen how strong relationships work to solve probelms and keep a program on track. 

When you partner with Tapemark, not only will you receive a wide range of technical services, you will experience a close, collaborative, and open relationship. 

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