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Benefits & Effectiveness of Oral Transmucosal Drugs

By: Cormac Lyons
11/11/20 9:45 AM

Oral transmucosal drug delivery can be characterized as any technique for conveying a drug planned to have a restorative impact on humans and animals.

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6 Fascinating Ways Drugs Can Be Delivered into Your Body

By: Andrew Day
10/12/20 4:00 PM

The world’s understanding of pharmacokinetics has changed over the years.

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What You Need to Know About Oral Thin Film Drug Delivery

By: Marina Ruleva
9/10/20 10:30 AM

In comparison to other drug delivery systems, oral thin films (OTFs) are relatively new. Here's what you need to know about this drug delivery system.

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Why and How to Partner with a Full-Service CDMO on Your Next Drug

By: Tim Brown
8/28/20 10:49 AM

CDMOs provide a single source for the development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, and they offer complete services to bring a drug to market.

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