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Tapemark and 10x Technology Announce Strategic Partnership to Commercialize MicroDerm

Posted by: Beau Garrett on 3/10/21 10:24 AM

Tapemark, a world-leading expert in transdermal patch formulation, design, development and manufacturing, and 10x Technology, a microstructured solution company, announce a strategic partnership to commercialize MicroDerm.

MicroDerm uses microneedle technology to deliver a wide range of drugs via transdermal patches. The patch, with tiny microneedles, penetrates the skin just enough to enable the drug to enter the bloodstream, but not so far as to create the pain or inconvenience associated with hypodermic needles.

“We are very pleased to announce our strategic partnership and relationship with 10x. The founder and President of 10x, Bob Pricone, is truly an innovator in the area of microneedles. Tapemark is both blessed and excited about the prospect of bringing to market new solutions in the pharmaceutical transdermal space by pairing our prowess in transdermal design and manufacturing with 10x’s proprietary microneedle technology,” said Beau Garrett, Tapemark Sr. Vice President and COO.

The innovative benefits of the MicroDerm microneedle patch include: 

  • Delivery of large molecules previously not deliverable with traditional transdermal systems
  • Greater bioavailability of active ingredients vs oral administration
  • Fewer side effects vs oral administration
  • New therapeutics not previously administered via transdermal delivery due to molecule and permeation limits
  • Improved compliance to dosing schedules vs oral administration
  • Better outcomes via improved pharmacokinetic profiles and greater compliance
  • Lower system healthcare spend given better outcomes in the target population

“The ability to manufacture microneedle patches on a mass scale will provide pain-free, non-invasive, delivery of drugs and vaccines that can be shipped and self-administered virtually overnight,” said Bob Pricone, CEO and Founder of 10x Technology.    

While the United States pharmaceutical market is the largest in the world by revenue, the transdermal market is untapped compared to the rest of the world. The manufacturing and consumer use of microneedle patches has been limited by equipment, batch size, and cost to produce.

10x Technology will provide Tapemark with a sustainable manufacturing process ensuring consistent and precision replication of MicroDerm. The dual investment in transdermal pharmaceutical research and development will benefit patients around the world suffering given unmet needs due to various diseases and medical ailments. 

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About Tapemark

Tapemark is a world-class complex drug delivery system CDMO innovating in the development and manufacturing of transdermal, oral thin film, and unit dose semi-solid drugs. With nearly 70 years of experience, Tapemark has worked with countless clients from around the globe, proudly partnering with pharmaceutical innovators of every shape and size. 

About 10x

10x Technology develops manufacturing platforms for polymer microneedle arrays. Variations of this technology can be used to manufacture dissolvable microneedles. 

This technology platform has been used to manufacture microneedle arrays continuously 24/7.

Tapemark Media Contact Info
Julia Brolin
Public Relations Specialist at Vye

10x Media Contact Info
Robert Pricone, President


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