Tapemark's Adhesive Analysis with Andrew Day [Video]

Insider April 24, 2019

In this weeks video, Chemist III Andrew Day discusses how we test our adhesives that we use for our transdermal patches. These tests are crucial to make sure that the impurities left in our testing adhesive, do not end up in our final product. Most of the residual monomers are burned off during our coating process, so we need to measure how many of those monomers are left in our finished product before approving it. Watch the video below to learn more about our adhesive testing process. 


[Transcript] "Hello I'm Andrew Day, back in Tapemark laboratories. I'm a Chemist III, as you can see, this is the adhesive that we typically use on analysis. One of the tests that we have to run is we have to make sure that the impurities that are left in here, aren't in our final product. A lot of the impurities, called residual monomers, end up burning off during our coating process. Some of them stay in there. We need to measure how much of those monomers are in our finished product. So there's a different variety of things that we do to do that test, but typically we do extract the patch using a strong solvent in order to get any of those residual impurities out of the patch, and then we do a direct injection on our GC, taking great care to make sure that we wash our syringe needle in between each injection so that it doesn't get dirtied up by the adhesive. So we then run it through our oven to get a result for the amount of residual monomers in the patch, compared to a standard, and then we give that result to our customer. Thank you."