Tapemark's Cartoning and Serialization with Lauren Hillman [Video]

Insider May 15, 2019

In this weeks video, Tapemark R&D Process Engineer Lauren Hillman goes into detail about our cartoning and serialization capabilities. Our Engineers focus a lot on how to serialize products, as well as the levels of serialization. All of this helps us get as much product as we can out the door. Watch the video to learn more about our different sized bundles and how our expertise allows us to be as efficient as possible.



[Transcript] "Hi it's Lauren with Tapemark. I'm a R&D Process Engineer here, and one of my main roles is in cartoning and serialization. So we have dealt a lot with learning how to serialize products, as well as the different levels of serialization, so we can start as small as the pouch level, make sure we serialize those into cartons. From there we can do even bundles, different sized bundles, and then we go into shippers and then pallets. We also have the ability to do partial cases or shippers. We can do partial pallets, we can do partial bundles, all of that just ensuring that we maximize the products that we have cartoned, and we get as much of that as we can out the door. So thanks for watching."