Tapemark's Flexible Battery Process with Tim Brown [Video]

Insider January 9, 2019

In this video, Tapemark Engineer Tim Brown discusses our flexible battery process. He explains our battery capabilities along with the process of putting that onto our moving web. The repetition of this process allows for great flexibility and efficiency. Watch the video below to learn more.


[Transcript] "Hi, this is Tim Brown from the Tapemark engineering department, and I wanted to kind of show you something that we're kind of proud of. What we're doing is we're doing a flexible battery circuit onto a moving web. We're doing it at a price. We're about nine feet a minute right now with the resolution up to and not to exceed 2,000 to 3,000. Now what that means to us is the repetition of this process. We don't have to have people trained to place onto a moving web and we don't have to retrain. It just sits there and does it all day for us and what that means to you is if you want to run this battery today, and you want to run something completely different later, that's the ease of that, it’s simple. We just write a new recipe, and we qualify it, and we let it go. The quality of this has been proven over many years of making this proprietary product that we have and we own, and I just wanted to share that with you today because it's something that just lends itself well to our process. Thank you."