Tapemark's Mixing Capabilities and Performance with Marina Ruleva [Video]

Insider January 3, 2019

In this video, Tapemark R&D Operations Manager Marina Ruleva goes over Tapemark's mixing capabilities and performance. Our mixers can handle wide ranges of viscosities. If the blend viscosities change over time, we can reduce over processing along with mixing times due to our capabilities and experience. Watch the video below to learn more about our Mixing Capabilities. 

[Transcript] "Hi, this is Marina Ruleva, R&D Operations Manager at Tapemark, and today we are talking about our mixing equipment capabilities. Our mixers can handle wide ranges of viscosities from water-like solutions to viscosities over 2 million. What it means for you, if the blunt viscosity changes over time, we can heat and cool blends with short amounts of time and we can reduce over-processing. We can also reduce mixing times and improve quality and performance over time. Thank you."