Tapemark's Mixing Designs with Marina Ruleva [Video]

Insider December 26, 2018

In this video, Tapemark's R&D Operations Manager Marina Ruleva discusses Tapemark's various mixing vessels and their design. At Tapemark, our mixing vessels have a two hemisphere design which allows for a uniform and accurate mix. Watch Marina discuss more in the video below. 

[Transcript] "This is Marina Ruleva, R&D Operations Manager at Tapemark, and we are talking about our mixing equipment today. All of our mixing vessels have been designed with the two hemisphere bottom. This helps to achieve uniform mix with full ingredients. All mixing vessels here at Tapemark are jacketed, which provides high efficiency heating and cooling and in addition to that, our vessels have the capability, pulling back human pressurization. What that means for you means that this type of mixing equipment that we have our mixing vessels utilize, can handle viscosities from water like to over viscosities of  2 million, and if your plan changes viscosity over time,we have perfect equipment to handle it. Thank you."