Tapemark's Serialization Equipment with Lauren Hillman [Video]

Insider May 8, 2019

In this weeks video, R&D Process Engineer Lauren Hillman discusses our serialization equipment and capabilities. This is important for our clients to make sure that they can track every single product that gets shipped. Lauren also displays our Optel machine, which is our main piece of equipment for serialization. Watch the video to learn more about our serialization equipment and its capabilities. 

[Transcript] "Hi, my name is Lauren Hillman here at Tapemark. I am a R&D Process Engineer, and today I'll be talking a little bit about serialization and some of our capabilities, especially regarding label samples and some of our quality samples that we can take and make sure we keep track of them. So behind me I have our Optel which is our main serialization piece of equipment, and it shows us our reports in progress while we're doing jobs, so we can make sure we keep track of our samples, everything we've taken out of the job as well as our active cartons, shippers, and pallets."