At Tapemark, our fully integrated services ensure a quality product. With our specialized on-site laboratory, we are able to work with your active pharmaceutical ingredient in order to supply your desired outcome. Whether your application is for medications (prescription or over the counter) or consumer products, we have the capability of formulating a high quality, superior product.



Once the formulation of the ingredients is complete, they are blended in appropriate sized batches. Our quality control system ensures that all product specifications are met.


After the ingredients are blended to the exact requirements, the formula is applied to a specified substrate material for further processing.



The coated substrate continues its manufacturing process with additional services, such as:

  • Laminating: using multi-layer lamination allows us to manufacture products with care and accuracy.
  • Die cutting: with precision laser technology, your coated materials are cut to their specified dimensions, in order to ensure accurate dosages.
  • Dispensing: after the lamination and die cutting processes, the product is dispensed into its final form.
  • Printing: No matter the mode of drug delivery, we can use specialized technology and materials to print anything from company logos to product information. Even soluble or oral films can be processed using food-grade edible ink.


At Tapemark, we know that packaging is important on a variety of levels. Not only can proper packaging meet safety standards, it can also be used in your marketing strategy. Additionally, effective packaging provides a safe, easy, and effective mode of drug delivery for physicians and patients, alike.

To ensure satisfaction, we provide customizable packaging options to meet your needs and requirements. Our capabilities encompass everything from hand packaging to sophisticated in-line pouching and automated cartoning matched to volume, cost, and product lifecycle criteria. We offer a state-of-the-art clean and white room for packaging that must be completed in a highly controlled environment. Tapemark’s serialization (track & trace) system solution meets and surpasses the current serialization legislation and is flexible to adapt to future changes.  Serialization can be placed from the pallet level all the way to the pouch level if deemed necessary. At Tapemark, we will work with you on every step of the process from design development to final packaging.

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