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In addition to delivering client success through CDMO partnerships, Tapemark offers proprietary formulation technology platforms, MacroPerm, MicroDerm, IontoPatch™, Snap™, and Snaplicator™. We're dedicated to continuous innovation and future developments.

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IontoPatch™ is a pain-free, non-invasive drug delivery device that delivers medication without interfering with lifestyle. IontoPatch™ offers innovative, medically modern treatment that’s cost-effective and supported by clinical research. It’s the only iontophoresis patch that doesn’t compromise quality of life.

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MacroPerm™ Drug Delivery

MacroPermTM opens the possibility to deliver molecules that have previously been too large for effective transdermal delivery. While technology capable of permeating large molecules through the dermis and into the bloodstream by physical means exists, there is yet to be an elegant solution compatible with many types of large molecules—until now. 

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MicroDerm™ Drug Delivery

MicroDerm™ is a commercial transdermal patch application that utilizes microneedle technology to deliver a wide range of drugs to patients. The patch, with tiny microneedles, penetrates the skin just enough to enable the drug to enter the bloodstream, but not so far as to create the pain or inconvenience associated with hypodermic needles.

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Precision comes standard. Our patent-protected Snap™ and Snapplicator™ mean innovative dispensing of semi-solid formulations that require precise amounts to be applied on the skin.

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