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Adhesion Testing Accuracy and Consistency with Andrew Day

Posted by: Andrew Day on Dec 4, 2019 9:33:00 AM



[Transcript] "Hi, this is Andrew Day with Tapemark. I am a Chemist 2 in our laboratory. One of the key tests that we do on transdermal patches is our physical adhesion testing. It's one of the requirements under USP guidance’s, and we feel like we're an expert in that field now. One of the things that we've done is we're trying to make sure that the plates that we use are consistent. A lot of the times these plates get scratches or cuts in them, and then your results are off. You get a really high difference between two samples. So what we've done is we've purchased a profile meter, and what we do is every time before we do our testing, we verify that the plates are acceptable within our limits. All you do is start the meter, and it measures the surface roughness of the plate a crossed it, and that way we can assess whether the plates are acceptable to use, where they're testing a significantly reduced amount of variability, we've seen in our samples and has significantly improved the results that we've been able to generate for our customers. That's all I got about that. Thank you."

Topics: Analytical Services, Transdermal