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Franz Cell Testing with Andrew Day

Posted by: Andrew Day on Jun 30, 2020 12:38:29 PM


[Transcript] "Hello, Andrew Day, Product Development Scientist III here at Tapemark in our formulations lab. I'm sitting next to our Franz cell testing. We use this for transdermal applications. We get human cadaver skin in from various companies throughout the US, put it in our deep freezer, pull it out here and we test our transdermal formulations on top of these bad boys. We add receptor solution that we've decided is the best for your active pharmaceutical product, throw some cadaver skin on top, throw your transdermal patch on top of it, a small little portion, and then let it go for 24 hours taking samples out of this port every two to four hours. At the end of that I have developed HPLC methods, so we can asset the content of your API, so we can see the transdermal flux through the cadaver skin to get a good indication that you're transdermal patch is ready to move onto the process development or animal clinical studies steps. Thank you."

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Topics: Transdermal, Formulation