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Residual Solvent Testing at Tapemark with Andrew Day

Posted by: Andrew Day on Jan 2, 2020 10:15:00 AM



[Transcript] "Hello, my name is Andrew Day. I'm a Chemist III here at Tapemark. Welcome back to the lab. Today we're going to talk about the residual solvents testing that we do for our transdermal products. One of the key tests that we can run on transdermals probably is on the residual solvents that are left in the product after it's been coated. This is important to make sure that the product is safe for the end consumer. How we run residual solvents typically at Tapemark is we run it by headspace GC method, and what we do is we take our patch, cut it up, put it in our solvent, and we put it in our headspace, and what happens with this vial is it goes into oven, it's shaken around to heat it up, and then it gets transferred during injection to this line right here, goes through, and our GC outputs a number that tells us how much residual solvents is in the finished patch. We compare that to levels that are allowed in USP and determine if the patch of safe for use. Thank you."

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Topics: Analytical Services, Transdermal