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Slot Die vs. Comma Head Coating with Mike Rothaupt

Posted by: Mike Rothaupt on Aug 7, 2019 3:30:54 PM



[Transcript] "Hi, I'm Mike, a Senior Process Engineer here at Tapemark. So, while we have comma head coating being the most common method for coating with our transdermals, there is the option of slot die coating, and I'd just like to discuss some of the possible advantages here so that you can decide whether that may be beneficial to you. So the yield benefits with slot die coating really come after the set up. This can be a very consistent method of coating. You do typically lose a little more during setup, so if you're in a very large scale process or you're going more towards commercialization, this may be more beneficial. Another possibility is if you're running a process, which, for whatever reason needs to start and stop often, the slot die coater can go on and off coats almost on demand. Because it's a sealed system, you're not dealing with any solvent losses that can, you know, dry across the coding head, which happens during comma head coating. So for whatever reason you need to make shorter rolls or just go off for sampling or if you're even doing intermittent coating, this method will likely really have some advantages."

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