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Tapemark's Accident Prevention Program with David Sutton

Posted by: David Sutton on May 6, 2020 11:36:20 AM

[Transcript] "Hi my name is David Sutton and I am the Safety and Security Manager here at Tapemark. In our lives, accidents happen at home or at the workplace and in most cases, they are relatively minor.  Here at Tapemark, we act on any incident no matter how small or how serious.  All accidents are reported, documented on an accident report, and a temporary corrective action is put in place.  Within the accident report we conduct interviews and execute root cause analysis.  Once the root cause is identified, a permanent corrective action is put in place, so it does not happen again. We take great pride in providing a safe working environment for all employees here at Tapemark. Thank you for watching."

Topics: Insider, Equipment & Facilities, Quality and Regulatory

David Sutton


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