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Tapemark's Client Process Continued with Beau Garrett

Posted by: Beau Garrett on Jan 23, 2020 10:45:09 AM

[Transcript] "I am Beau Garrett, Vice President of business development, marketing and project management at Tapemark. In this series, we're giving you some insight as to what you can expect as a prospect when you bring a new program or project to Tapemark. Once we have a confidential disclosure agreement in place between our two companies, then it's time to exchange detailed information. Everything regarding your product. What's the build materials, the formulation, the process, maybe even a batch record if it's a tech transfer that's coming in to Tapemark. The more information you can share, the better that will ensure that we're able to give you the most accurate quote as possible once we exchange that information. Now, I want to start planning for your site visit.That's really where Tapemark shows and it's what benefits you the most. We bring you in Tapemark where you can meet our technical experts in person, and we can meet your key stakeholders as well during the visit. We'll give you a full tour of our facilities. You'll see where the work on your product will be done, we'll also have lunch, and by the end of the day, hopefully you go back to your home state with a great feeling that Tapemark is the right partner for you in your next program or product. Thank you."

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