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Tapemark's Commitment to Safety with David Sutton

Posted by: David Sutton on Apr 30, 2020 10:29:29 AM

[Transcript] "Hi, my name is David Sutton and I'm the Safety and Security manager here at Tapemark. The Klas family has always viewed its employees as one of the most important assets, so programs like safety has always been a high priority. Tapemark is 1 of 37 companies in the Department of Labor and Industry MNSHARP program that has been for over 15 years. MNSHARP certification is working with the state, our managers, and employees to develop safety and health programs that go beyond the basic compliance with all OSHA standards. The result is immediate results in long-term prevention of job related injuries and illnesses. We take great pride in providing a safe working environment for all employees here at Tapemark."


Topics: Equipment & Facilities, Quality and Regulatory