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Tapemark's Environmental Testing with Tamar Kranz

Posted by: Tamar Kranz on Aug 7, 2019 3:24:59 PM

[Transcript] "Hi, my name is Tamar Kranz and I'm a Chemist 1 here at Tapemark. One of the key ways that we ensure quality in our products is through our environmental monitoring program. We test wall and equipment services as well as air and water for microbial growth that could contaminate our products. A key piece of equipment used to test the water here in our facility is the Total Organic Carbon Analyzer or TOC Analyzer. It tests the total carbon in the water sample, which is a good indication of the quality of water. So we collect the water into a vial and then place it into the rack and it will analyze the sample against our reference standards. A high level carbon is an indication that there is a change in the system, possibly microbial growth that needs to be addressed. Low levels indicate that our water is pure enough for use in our facility as well as in our analytical laboratory where we do a variety of tests. Thank you for watching."

Topics: Analytical Services