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Tapemark's Packaging Process with Tim Brown

Posted by: Tim Brown on Aug 7, 2019 3:32:14 PM



[Transcript] "Hi, Tim Brown with the Tapemark company. Just wanted to take a couple more seconds out of your day and kind of show you something that we're pretty proud of. What we were able to do is we're going to take a request from a customer and go out and solicit suppliers and kind of come up with how much it's going to cost to package their product. What you see before you is something that we came up with because our customer did not have a year to wait for a press or a converter, or a cartoner. They didn't have $1 million to invest. So what we did, is we took it up underneath ourselves and said, ok, how can we do it for you. And what you're seeing right now is a kind of a combination between engineering & operations to try and come up with a solution that does both work for our people, our packaging people, and the customer. It tries to incorporate everything that they require. So within eight feet, we're stacking 300 parts a minute into stacks that are then put into a primary and put into a cartoner, glued, lock coated, verified and stacked for yet more packaging on the other end. Kind of looking at it as more of importance upfront this packaging is versus the converting. Sometimes it's even more important because not everybody has a million dollars in a year to invest in packaging."

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