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Tapemark's Patented Snapplicator with Roy Vazquez

Posted by: Roy Vazquez on Aug 7, 2019 3:25:28 PM



[Transcript] "Hello, it's Roy Vazquez here at the Tapemark Company. I am an Engineering Technicia nand also an Estimator. Today we're going to talk about the Snapplicator. The Snapplicator is a unique and patented design that allows the user to apply either an RX or an OTC product on their skin without coming in contact. Some of the advantages of the Snapplicator is like mentioned before, it's pre measured and it's a single dose, so the user won't get more or won't get less of the active. The other advantage is that it's really portable, so you could put it in your pocket or put in your purse and won't worry about it until you have to use it. Thanks for watching."

Topics: Snap/Snapplicator, Unit Dose Semi Solid