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Tapemark's Primary Packaging with Karl Zwiefelhofer

Posted by: Karl Zwiefelhofer on Aug 7, 2019 3:28:03 PM



[Transcript] "Hi, my name is Karl Zwiefelhofer. I'm an engineer here at Tapemark, and today I'm going to talk a little bit about primary packaging. So a primary package is the individual sealed pouch that contains an individual dose of a product, and with these, we know a few different options with how they function. We have a peel open pouch, which is designed to open along the pouch seal. Also have a tear open, which usually has a notch and is designed to tear across the pouch. So with these, we can do a few different things with child proofing and also with making them easier to open for patients that have difficulty with fine motor operations. For any primary pouch we print a lot of information and an expiration date and regardless of what your product is or what your package needs are, I'm confident we can find a way to work together on what's going to be right for you and your product. Thank you."

Topics: Packaging