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Tapemark's Project Management with Mark Hebaus

Posted by: Mark Hebaus on Oct 1, 2019 11:12:49 AM

[Transcript] "Hi I'm Mark Hebaus. I'm the Director of Project Management here at Tapemark. I've been with Tapemark for almost 17 years now and I want to talk a little bit about our project management system that we have. We have a structured system that we use to manage projects from beginning to end. We start off with various phases and we go through a phase review process and we ensure that all the activities for each phase are completed before we move onto another phase. Project Managers are engaged throughout this entire process, and we engage cross-functional team members from both Tapemark and customer sites to ensure that this process is successful and we deliver a top notch product on completion. Thank you for watching. I appreciate your time."


Topics: Analytical Services, Equipment & Facilities