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Tapemark's Sublingual Film Formulation with Andrew Day

Posted by: Andrew Day on Jun 10, 2020 9:07:01 AM


[Transcript] "Hello this is Andrew Day, Product Development Scientist III again here with you in the formulations lab. We've got a mixer back there. We got our oven over here. Everything that we need to make your Sublingual Film Formulation. Sublingual formulations start like any other formulations, it's all about ingredients. So what ingredients do you have in sublingual film? You've got your water. You've got your solubilizers, which dissolves your drug the best. You have your polymers which help keep the film in the most rigid state. You got stabilizers which help keep everything in place. You've got plasticizers that make it all bendy and stuff when you have low moisture content. And then most importantly, you have your flavorants. You have the things that taste mask your API. We work with all those things in our formulation lab trying to develop the best possible product. Once we have that best possible product developed we have a full array of testing methods that we can use to analyze our product to make sure that it's ready to move on to our process development group. Thank you."

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Topics: Oral Film, Formulation