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Tapemark's Tech 12 Press Capabilities with Tim Brown

Posted by: Tim Brown on Aug 7, 2019 3:32:46 PM



[Transcript] "Hello, this is Tim Brown with the Tapemark company. I've been in the engineering department 15 plus years, and I wanted to talk to you about some of our equipment that you see behind me. It has a resolution upwards of 100,000 pulses per inch, and what that means to you is if you want a one inch part, we're going to cut one each part. If you want a two inch part we'll cut a two inch part. The adaptability of this press, which you're seeing now, is modular in design and what it does is it lends itself to where the customer comes in with multiple different dosages. What they're going to have is a tooling cost but they're not going to really have a machine modification cost because the work has been done for them upfront. No price have been spared for vision systems, resolution, or modular. It just lends itself to be able to adapt day to day with whatever needs are needed."

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