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Tapemark's Track-and-Trace Abilities with David Gibson

Posted by: David Gibson on Aug 7, 2019 3:33:32 PM



[Transcript] "First of all, what is track and trace. Track and trace is a government law that was enacted in 2013 and it has a complicated sounding name, The Supply Chain Security Act, and it's really quite simple. It's a system that allows industry to electronically track a specific package of pharmaceutical product all the way from its manufacture ror its packaging, and its distribution even down to the pharmacy where the prescription is billed. Pretty cool idea. Now the law was enacted back in 2013, and as I may have said, for two years this is what I've been working on. Here at Tapemark acquiring the systems equipment and choosing partners and putting into place the processes that we have to enable this level of track and trace and serialization on pharmaceutical products. Industry as a whole has been slow to get started on track and trace and in fact, the government actually moved the deadline for implementing the program back a full year, giving industry more time to comply. One of the things I'm proud of here and Tapemark is that the leadership team had the foresight and the courage to make the business decisions to acquire equipment, to choose partners, and to make the investments o that we were ready to go the day that we were supposed to regardless of any delays or race clearance issue by the government. Now that was true back then and it's true today. If you're doing track and trace, we're ready to support you."

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Topics: Serialization, Equipment & Facilities