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Tapemark's Transdermal Patch Formulation with Andrew Day

Posted by: Andrew Day on May 27, 2020 9:36:28 AM

[Transcript] "Hello my name is Andrew Day, and I'm a Product Development Scientist here at Tapemark. I'm here with you today in the formulations lab to talk about how we formulate transdermal patches. There's kind of two routes that we go for transdermal patches. We have our pharmaceutical patches where we need to do Franz Cell testing that I'll discuss later, and then we have some OTC patches where we're just trying to get our formulations sensation right. The key to developing a good transdermal patch is starting with ingredients, so the first thing I do is I look for solubility of your active API and different ingredients. And then we go from there, where you find the right adhesive, to make sure that we have good adhesive values for your product. Testing it on stainless steel plates, and other kind of plates in our other analytical laboratory, and then also developing an assay method where we can determine that there's the right amount of drug in your product. I hope that you consider using the Tapemark formulation lab in the future. Thank you."

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Topics: Analytical Services, Transdermal, Formulation