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The Final Steps of Tapemark's Client Process with Beau Garrett

Posted by: Beau Garrett on Feb 5, 2020 10:20:23 AM


[Transcript] "I am Beau Garrett, Vice President of business development, marketing and project management here at Tapemark. In this series, we're giving you perspective on what it's like to be a prospect at Tapemark, and what is the journey that you'll go through when you bring a new project or program here for us to provide you an RFP. Well, at this point, we've had on site and we had a great visit. And during that meeting, we were able to exchange more information regarding the technical elements of the program, as well as cover all the details related to the business elements of the product. How do you plan to market, what's the sales force, do you have a marketing partner, what parts of the world are you planning on launching the product, when, what's your forecast look like etc. We take all that information and it helps inform the detailed proposal that we've already been preparing for you for several weeks. Now is time to share that proposal. And once it's ready, our preference is that we do this in person. We would prefer to sit down with you live and go through the detailed proposal and the scope of work that's going to be required in order to bring your program to life here a Tapemark. If we're not able to get together again in person and we'd prefer to handle the exchange over video. That way we're able to see each other so that we can really
understand the questions and make sure that there isn't any misinformation or gaps coming out of that first review of the detailed response. Thanks so much."

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