Tapemark is a full service provider when it comes to the manufacturing of active and passive transdermal patches. We are a fully integrated CDMO. Our capabilities include the following under a strong quality system and excellent regulatory compliance record:

  • Formulating;
  • Blending;
  • Coating;
  • Converting;
  • Packaging; and
  • Analytical/Laboratory Services.

We work with our clients to ensure quality and excellence from formulating the active pharmaceutical ingredient to packaging the final product. As an industry leader in transdermal drug delivery, we have experience with advanced technologies, including:

  • Iontophoresis: Our innovative IontoPatch® product line is popular among physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists;
  • Microneedles;
  • Thermal Poration; and
  • Dermabrasion.

We have experience with a variety of reservoir designs that support a range of bulk drug viscosities. From sourcing and incorporating appropriate power sources, to producing a final, packaged product, Tapemark is the right choice for all your transdermal drug delivery needs..

The benefits of partnering with Tapemark are abundant and so are the benefits of transdermal medication delivery. Transdermal patches:

  • Provide permeation through skin, either independently or with enhancer technologies;
  • Support prescription and over the counter medication;
  • Avoid first-pass metabolism;
  • Provide accurate dosages;
  • Deliver steady and controlled medication levels;
  • Facilitate an easy mode of discontinuation;
  • Offer a convenient, comfortable, and safe drug delivery system;
  • Improve patient compliance; and
  • Facilitate lifecycle management.