With nearly 70 years of experience to build core competencies, Tapemark™ is a leading expert in bringing transdermal, thin film, and unit dose topical drug delivery systems to market. In addition to delivering client success through CDMO partnerships, Tapemark offers proprietary formulation technology platforms, MacroPerm, MicroDerm, IontoPatch™, Snap™, and Snaplicator™.

Our successful performance includes dozens of approvals and a 100% success rate on agency audits. From formulation and coating through serialization and shipment, our expert staff takes an interdisciplinary approach to deliver expectation-exceeding results.

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Our Process

As a full-service CDMO, Tapemark™ offers fully-integrated, end-to-end solutions. Whether your drug delivery system requires some or all of the steps in our process, you can rely on Tapemark to get you from where you are now to where you need to be in the future.

We offer full project management services that keep projects ahead of milestones and within budget. Our development services include analytical, formulation, process development, scaling, process validation, and agency filing support. Our commercial manufacturing services include, analytical, mixing/blending, coating, converting, primary packaging, secondary cartoning, and serialization.

8-Step New Client Experience

While our capabilities are varied and complex, partnering with us on your project is easy for you. From your initial inquiry, we’re just eight steps away from project kick off. The entire process can be navigated quickly, or it can span as long as required for your plan. Here’s a look at each step.

  • 1. Initial Inquiry (5 minutes)

    You indicate interest in partnering with Tapemark. We’ll have a quick, surface-level discussion to determine if moving forward is the right fit for both you and Tapemark.
  • 2. High-Level Project Discussion (30 minutes)

    We'll come together for a more specific discussion to validate project fit.
  • 3. Two-Way Confidentiality Agreement (30 minutes)

    We respect and honor your right to confidentiality, and we hope for the same in-kind.
  • 4. Project Discovery (1-2 weeks)

    With the confidentiality agreement in place, it’s time for a detailed exchange of the technical and business elements of your project. Back-and-forth discussion is necessary in this step to flesh out critical details.
  • 5. Onsite Visit & Discussion (1 day)

    Viewing the Tapemark facility provides greater insight into our processes and capabilities. During the visit, we will dive deeper into your project with a meeting of joint stakeholders.
  • 6. Define Project Scope (3-4 weeks)

    We will gather all of the details to build the scope of work for your project. We will determine timelines and establish a project budget.
  • 7. Formal Agreement (1-2 weeks)

    Once we’re in alignment on project scope, timeline, and budget, it’s time to sign the Master Development Agreement and initiate our partnership.
  • 8. Project Initiation (2 hours)

    Now the fun begins...It’s time for us to hold a kick-off meeting and get to work!
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    Transdermal Patch Drug Delivery

    With significant experience and evolving expertise in transdermal patch drug delivery, we are well-versed in everything from formulation development to commercial manufacturing. Our transdermal patch drug delivery experience includes all patch types such as active, reservoir, and passive systems.

    Learn About Our Transdermal Services

    Oral Film Drug Delivery

    Specializing in delivery of drugs through soluble films, consider Tapemark™ your full service solution for pharmaceutical-grade oral thin films. With 15 years of experience developing, converting, and packaging soluble film, we are the industry leader in oral thin film drug delivery.

    Learn About Our Oral Thin Film Services

    Unit Dose Semi-Solid Drug Delivery

    Our patent-protected Snap™ and Snapplicator™ systems are ideal for dispensing unit dose Rx and OTC topicals. As a full-service CDMO, we offer a turnkey solution for your topical product.

    Learn About Our Unit Dose Semi-Solid Services


    As a team of subject matter experts and craftsmen, we nurture each client’s pharmaceutical formulation, develop it, scale it, and guide it through the FDA approval process.

    Tapemark is comprised of pioneering chemists, researchers, and engineers. As world experts in transdermal, thin film, and topical drug delivery systems, we offer full project management services to keep projects ahead of milestones and within budget. Tapemark has significant experience launching NDA and ANDA drugs to offer our clients the most hands-on and successful partnership in the CDMO space.


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