Developing a successful oral thin film for drug delivery is a major undertaking. Still, it’s common for drug developers to underestimate the complexity that goes into formulating a compound for transdermal delivery. With 15 years of experience converting and packaging soluble film, Tapemark™ is the industry leader in oral thin film drug delivery.

With expertise in the delivery of active ingredients by dissolving soluble, Tapemark is a full service solution for transmucosal drug delivery systems.

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Our Experience

We partner with clients at every step on their oral thin film projects. Our services include early-stage drug development services—like formulation and small-scale, handmade prototyping—through large-scale registration and commercialization. In addition to early-stage development expertise, we bring significant, successful experience with numerous tech transfer projects as well as site-change initiatives.

Our oral thin film experience includes buccal, sublingual, dissolvables, and multi-layer complex films. We have partnered with many companies to produce therapeutics for various treatment modalities, including pain, CNS, and addiction. Whether your transmucosal project involves branded, generic, or OTC pharmaceutical, we have the experience to bring your drug to market.

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About Transmucosal Drug Delivery

Oral thin films allow for convenient and flexible drug delivery. At Tapemark™, developing formulations for oral films presents numerous challenges, depending on the overall project complexity. Here at Tapemark, we provide end-to-end CDMO services for oral thin films.

Our clients rely on us to guide them through every stage of product and process development. With industry-leading expertise in sublingual films, oral dissolvable films, and integrated overlays, we bring our resources and experience to every new client relationship.

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What Our Partners Have to Say

"Tapemark has proven itself as a leader in development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical thin films. The team at Tapemark has been an invaluable partner in their expertise provided to support our technology transfers. They continue to be committed to the success of each of our projects."

Joe T – Senior Director, Technical Operations
Medium Size Branded Pharmaceutical Company

“We have partnered with Tapemark over the years for our transdermal patch projects. We have found Tapemark to be a great partner. Tapemark has become a one stop shop for transdermal product development and commercial manufacturing after expanding its capabilities.”

J.W. – Senior Director R&D
Medium Size Branded Pharmaceutical Company

“The Tapemark team met every technical challenge and applied the extra resources necessary for us to achieve a successful launch of one of our strategic products."

John B – VP External Operations
Large Generics Pharmaceutical Company

"We have partnered with Tapemark for several business-critical new product launches. We have found Tapemark to be flexible and customer-focused and willing to accommodate our changing needs to their best ability. It has been a pleasure working with the Tapemark team."

K.B. – VP Supply Chain
Global Generic Pharmaceutical Company

"We have partnered with Tapemark for our transdermal patch since 2013. We have found Tapemark to be a highly experienced and professional team. The most important aspect is however the collaboration between our companies in building a solid foundation for our partnership, mutual respect, and success in business."

K.R. – VP Commercial Ops
Small Specialty Branded Pharmaceutical Company

"We have been a supplier to Tapemark for over 7 years and in our experience, the people at Tapemark are a pleasure to work with. We have created a mutually beneficial business relationship by working through all aspects of the supply chain. Our mutual commitment to meet regularly helps us plan together and has been very beneficial to ensure that we meet all the requirements established by Tapemark. Working with a company like Tapemark is rewarding for us and we are honored to participate in your mission by playing a role to assist in the delivery of non-invasive products that aid in pain treatment."

D.C. – VP Sales and Marketing
Large Packaging Supplier

"Tapemark is a great customer and we have the utmost confidence to refer you."

D.C. – VP Sales
Technical Components Supplier
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