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Tapemark's Mixing Capabilities with Marina Ruleva

Posted by: Marina Ruleva on Aug 7, 2019 3:30:27 PM



[Transcript] "Hi, this is Marina Ruleva, R&D Operations Manager at Tapemark, and today we're talking about our mixing process and mixing equipment. We have multiple vessels here, at Tapemark ,but today, we are only talking about three mixing vessels, and you can see two of them here. So we have a 25 gallon mixing vessel, we have a 50 gallon mixing vessel, and we have 130 gallon mixing vessel. All these mixing vessels have similar mixing types and similar mixing agitators that we use in our small mixing vessel for pilot scale batches, and then we can take a developed mixing process and use it for commercial manufacturing. So what that means for you is cost savings on research and development. Once the mixing process is developed on the smallest scale batch, then we can take it and transfer it to a larger mixing vessel and use a similar type of mixing and similar equipment from the same manufacturer and large commercial batches quicker. Thank you."

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