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Track-and-Trace Speed and Scale with David Gibson

Posted by: David Gibson on Aug 7, 2019 3:33:01 PM

[Transcript] "Today we're talking about choosing the right equipment for your track and trace implementation, and in particular, talking about scalability and speed, because it doesn't have to be very complicated if you're doing only a few products per minute that you're having to label with a serial number and then aggregate into higher level packaging such as a case or palette. However, looking at this equipment behind me, this has the capability of applying individual serial number, lot number, and expire rate at a rate of 1,000 pouches per minute, and you can appreciate at that speed. The electronic systems and the printing systems that support that unique serial number and information on packages have to be able to keep up, and that's not trivial. So in our case, we had to be very careful about the partners that we've chosen and have to make sure that they can deliver with our equipment at the speeds that this department is capable of. So next video, we'll talk a little bit about the actual electronic connection and how that information gets into the cloud, so it's available to our customers and to their downstream distributors."

Topics: Serialization